About Us

Clyde Grammar opened its doors in 2020 with two Foundation classes and a vision to provide families in and around the Clyde community with access to a high-quality and affordable education.

We are a co-educational, non-denominational school that embraces strong Christian values. At the same time, our education programs continually evolve to remain relevant and forward looking.

Our school proudly supports democratic principles and encourages students to become informed and responsible members of their communities. We also celebrate our rich cultural diversity and acknowledge and respect the importance of heritage, particularly our indigenous culture and history.

Clyde Grammar values and celebrates the cultural diversity within its learning community by respecting, sharing and understanding the importance of heritage, and acknowledging our indigenous culture and history.

The teaching staff are dedicated and passionate about building genuine and meaningful relationships with students, their families and the wider community. They strive to provide a safe, engaging learning environment and deliver a pedagogy that embraces individuality, inspires inquiry, promotes equity, a growth mindset and ongoing success for all.