Campus Update and News from the Principal

Getting Closer and Closer to Completion!

The Clyde Grammar campus development is nearing completion.

Late last week we used a drone to capture just how close the Clyde Grammar Primary Centre building is to being finished. As you will see from the below images, the building has almost all of its exterior walls in place and the car park is now well underway!

It’s exciting to think that this building will soon become a place where students and staff will grow, learn, play and make new discoveries together.

Staff Celebrations

The Clyde Grammar community was delighted to celebrate the wedding of staff member Kelly and her husband Devan Wesley on Friday, 25 February 2022.

The magical celebration took place at Lancemore Lindenderry Winery at Red Hill. Staff from Clyde Grammar, and sister school Casey Grammar, were in attendance to celebrate this joyous occasion.

Kelly and Devan also celebrated with their children (pictured below) and we wish them a lifetime of happiness together.

Car Park Reminder

I would like to remind all parents and carers to drive safely within the school grounds and park only within our designated area. We have had some recent complaints.

Please note, the ‘kiss and go’ spaces along the path are only available for morning drop-off and for parents who are not exiting their vehicle.


It is expected that all students have entered the school gates by the start of our school day, which is 8.55 am. Students arriving at their classroom after this time will be marked as late. Any students arriving after 9.00 am must enter the school via Donna at Reception.

Information Session and Parent-teacher Discussions

Thank you to those who attended these important online events. The teachers enjoyed the opportunity to answer your questions and also find out more about the students in their care. Building strong relationships between home and school is a priority at Clyde Grammar.

Mrs Leanne Evans