Foundation A

Meaningful Relationships and New Learning Experiences

What an amazing end to the first term in Foundation A! The students have developed meaningful relationships, experienced different art mediums, built on their mathematics understanding and shared their differences during Harmony Week.

Below are some of the fun activities we have been up to!

Dressing up, playing make-believe games during developmental play

Students above: Ryan, Dila, Kai, Aaryan

Ordering numbers from smallest to biggest

The student above: Ariah

Working with the Bee-Bots during STEM

Students above: Austin and Ryan

Working together to create a colourful collage

Artwork inspired by artist Pete Cromer.

Foundation A collaborative Emu Collage

Celebrating Harmony Day at our whole school parade

Students above: Adien, Angad and Araadh

Making a 2D shape picture.

The student above: Hargun