Foundation B News

New Term, New School

What an exciting term it has been in Foundation B, settling into our new classroom, exploring our incredible playground, and even seeing our very own Clyde Grammar tram being airlifted in. We have been so lucky to be part of the beginning of the Clyde Grammar Campus!

Jumping Jelly Beans!

After exploring number recognition in Term 1, we dived into addition in Term 2.

We have been exploring different tools we can use to solve addition problems. These include number lines, 10s frames and drawing pictures.

To help with our mathematical thinking and energy levels we got to use jellybeans instead of counters!

All About Animals

We are animal experts in Foundation B! We have learnt all about mammals, reptiles, birds, sea creatures and their habitats.

To consolidate our knowledge, we were lucky enough to visit the Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park in Pearcedale where our students got to see and touch so many different animals including kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, reptiles and many other endangered species.

Tess Giles
Foundation B Teacher