Classroom Highlights from May


Myuna Farm

On 11 May, the Foundation students were lucky enough to go on an excursion to Myuna Farm!

At Myuna Farm we experienced milking the goats, patting baby animals, touching reptiles, feeding big animals and going on a train. We learnt a great deal about the features of animals and their habitats.



Literacy rotations have been off to a soaring start with our reading, writing and making of three letter words. With so many hands-on activities we are having a blast.

Mathematics with Superhero Eyes

Subitise, subitise use your eyes to subitise! We have focused on subitising, which means seeing a small collection of objects and knowing how many there are without counting. We have been using our superhero eyes and we are doing fantastic. We have also focused on sorting, classifying and identifying 2D shapes, and found lots of them in our school grounds.

Making Nature Crowns

Before winter hits and the autumn leaves are blown away, we collected leaves and flowers to decorate our very own nature crown. The students enjoyed selecting leaves of different colours and textures to adorn their crowns, to become the most embellished Autumn Royals in all the Clyde Grammar Kingdom.

Morning Activities

Morning Activities in Foundation are filled with fun activities where the students revise taught concepts or experience a new task. These activities consist of small groups and are always full of fun. The students have been quickly slapping their Rainbow Words, adding objects to find the total, painting insects and printing to experience symmetry, and constructing 2D shape pictures.

Year 1

Snakes Alive!

Mr Slytherin visited Clyde Grammar for an incursion like no other! The Year 1s certainly enjoyed seeing all of Mr Slytherin’s fascinating pets and getting up close with some of them. The Year 1s wrote a recount about their experience and here are some excerpts from a few students:

“I was excited because I got to see a snake and I could pat a lizard and a snake, and we saw a venomous snake. We had a fun day at school.” Emma

“Yesterday I saw a venomous snake and it was really venomous. Pete had a stick because it was venomous and Ms Bourke was scared.” Avneet

“Me and Hargun got to see the blue-tongue lizard open its mouth! I was excited to see the red belly snake. Pete, you’re so cool because you have so many pets! I liked the male blue tongue lizard.” Aiden

“Mr Slytherin showed us the snake. The snake was scary. I didn’t like the snake, then I listened. We learned about snakes then we touched the snake and the lizard and then we went to see the animals.” Sethumi


Year 2A

Tens Frames:

“I liked how we could subtract easily because with the tens frame you can also add or subtract by tens. For example, if it was 13 – 6 you can rub out the dots easily with your finger or the cloth.” Nate

“I liked how we did the tens frames because we can learn more about our tens. If we get a hard question like 25 – 13 we can use our tens frames so the remaining ones we have, we can take away the remaining ones to get the answer more easy.” Navneeth

Incursion: Slytherin’s Snakes

“We got to touch the snakes — the yellow one was called DC who was a python.” Nuvee

“I can’t believe we got to see some venomous snakes such as the death adder!” Denny

“I liked that the snake was soft on top when we got to pet it.” Jusreen

“If we see a snake we take two steps back and run away and tell an adult!” Angad

“Snakes can be deadly for us so we should never ever go near snakes because they can be venomous but we can hold it if we are a professional.” Abhay

“We also saw two blue-tongue lizards that were sitting under a lamp to stay warm and cozy.” Thea

Treasure Maps

After learning all about directions and how to follow simple steps such as moving forwards, backwards, left and right turns, we decided to make our very own treasure maps. To ensure they looked like the real deal, we first followed a step-by-step video to ensure that we had included as many features of a treasure map as possible: obstacles, trees, caves and even hidden treasure where X marks the spot! We then took some tea bags to paint the paper to make it look extra old.

Miss Testro took them home on Friday night to burn the edges so they looked even more authentic, and filmed the process so we could see just how it all works.

Year 2B

Celebrating our Unique Environment through Art

Over the past term, 2B have been exploring aerial views through a series made by Ros Moriarty which celebrates our country. We explored how lines, shapes and patterns can be used to represent the many different designs of objects in our environment. The stories allowed us to explore the journey of a turtle swimming in the ocean, a variety of Australian birds, as well as the shapes animals make as they move along a bush track. Using pastels and ink the students created these amazing pieces of artwork.

“I like sitting with my friends and sharing all their artwork.” Maya

“I enjoyed doing the flowers and adding dots to my picture.” Delsa

“I liked doing the pastels because they have nice colours.” Jiya


Celebrating Mum

This term we celebrated one of our favourite people; our mums! Our class made personalised gifts which included self-portraits, writing about what we love about our mums, and tickets that can be traded for things such as cuddles, reading a book, or even allowing mum to watch her favourite show.

“I love my mum because she kisses me a lot.” Sahib

“I love my mum because she always likes to come with me and have some breakfast and lunch.” Adriel

“I love my mum because she always takes me to the park in the summertime.” Ishreen

“I love my mum because she always cooks food for me.” Daanish

“I love my mum because she hugs me a lot.” Roop

“I love my mum because she smiles at me a lot.” Rhea

“I love my mum because she likes it when I hug her tight.” Ryan


Year 3

Mr Slytherin’s Visit 

The Year 3 children enjoyed the visit from Mr Slytherin, a local snake and reptile expert. The students had the chance to learn more about these fascinating creatures. It was also a good opportunity to repeat the important lessons from last term, when the students enjoyed learning about snake safety.

“I loved seeing all the different snakes Mr Slytherin brought to show us.” Avjot

“I learnt lots of facts about snakes, if you see a snake in the wild do not touch it.” Yuvleen S

“I saw lots of snakes and I learnt about venomous snakes, that snakes don’t have ears, they feel the vibrations coming from the ground.” Parmeet

“The incursion was awesome and we learnt new things about reptiles. We got to touch a snake, but I really wanted to hold one. Ishleen

Opening Ceremony

The Year 3 children were honoured to be involved in Clyde Grammar School’s official opening ceremony. The children worked very hard to learn the Australian anthem, Acknowledgement of Country and their favourite ‘Happiness’ song.

They all performed and behaved beautifully. We were all very proud of the Year 3 students.

“It was so exciting being a part of the official opening of the school and I loved performing the national anthem and the song Happiness.” Sidhak

“I loved seeing the large audience whilst we sang, and they all told us how great we were.” Jayden

“I enjoyed listening to the speeches and then we all got to sing our song, Happiness. It was a great morning, and I was proud to be a part of it.” Rubani

“I liked singing the national anthem and our song, Happiness during the opening ceremony.” Gurkirat

Sharing the Joy of Reading

To build school connections and share a fostered love of reading the Year 3 and Foundation children have spent some time in the library sharing stories. The children in both Year 3 and Foundation look forward to these sessions.

“I love reading with the Foundation children and getting to know them. They love the stories and listen carefully.” Ayanna

“I really liked reading with the Foundations and teaching them new words. My buddy liked to ask a lot what words meant.” Kunashe

“It was very sweet listening to the Foundation students reading. I enjoyed helping them to read the hard words.” Jasraj

“I liked reading with the Foundation students because they are learning to read some hard words. It was nice to take turns reading and talking about the pictures.” Suhava

Aboriginal Leaf Art

The Year 3 students have been studying First Nations people and their place in Melbourne’s history as a part of our Integrated Studies unit. The children watched videos of various Indigenous art forms, such as basket weaving and dot art.

The significance of Indigenous symbols was then examined. Then, Year 3 students created a leaf that told a tale using symbols and patterns. This collection of leaves will be framed and put on display.  

“I liked learning about the different Aboriginal symbols and the meanings of them. It is amazing how they told stories. I loved being able to tell my own story with symbols on the leaves.” Vihanya

“I learnt that there are so many symbols that have different meanings and I loved creating my own symbols.” Savreet

“I chose the kangaroo sign because I wanted to tell a story about kangaroos. I also choose lots of other animal signs and symbols.” Olivia

“I liked doing the leaf art because we learnt about the different symbols the Aboriginals used to tell stories.” Harmeet

Bee-ing Creative

Living Things was our Integrated Unit from Term 1, however we really wanted to share how much we enjoyed creating these art pieces. First, we created a background using watercolor paints. Next, we drew bees with the help of an online tutorial. We kept these simple, so they stand out by just using black fine liners. We then used patty pans to create flowers. These look colourful on display in our classroom.

“I liked making the patterns for the background of my bee art picture and I love that everyone’s bees look different.” James

“Using water paints to make the pattern on the background was really good. I loved how we used the patty pans to make flowers and drew our own bees.” Jasmine

“It was difficult to sketch the bee accurately but after a few attempts I was happy with my drawing.” Sehaj

“I liked learning how to draw something new. I enjoyed creating the colours for the background and then adding the flowers and the bees.” Harsarah

Using Technology in the Classroom

Using laptops in the classroom as a part of our learning has been a highlight for Year 3. The Year 3 children have learnt how to use Microsoft 365 apps.

They have used the laptops to explore Microsoft Teams to share work with the teacher and for the teacher to easily share links with the class. They have also used the laptops to publish writing, practice typing using Type Club and for maths games.

“I love being able to use the laptops in the classroom. I really like that we have our own email address. We have learnt how to use Microsoft 365 and how to use Teams. Ms Mepstead has learnt some things too.” Louie

“I like using laptops because I have learnt new things like Microsoft 365 and how to use the laptop better. I also like the games we can play on them, like Type Club and Tandem Turtle maths rounding game.” Sri

“I think using Microsoft 365 and apps like Teams is good because we interact with technology more. I think it is easy to remember my password but my username is difficult!” Lincoln

“Learning how to use Teams and attach Word documents is cool and interesting. Getting to use the files and attachments Mr Newham puts on Teams means I can work at home or at school.” Ishkirat

Everyone is keeping active and jumping rope to help others, chore robots are invented and creativity extends from art to dramatics.