Feeling the Rhythm in Performing Arts

Our specialist classes offer students the opportunity to explore a range of subjects outside of the traditional curriculum, including art, music, physical education, and STEM.  We invite you to scroll down and read what your child has been learning in these subjects.

Performing Arts

Feeling the Rhythm!

In Performing Arts, students have continued to learn their class songs and work on emotions and gestures to accompany the words.

All year levels have had great fun experimenting with various instruments to demonstrate their understanding of rhythm, dynamics, composition, and tempo in music.

The Year 3 students have worked hard to learn new songs on the recorder and have been practicing playing in unison as a class — a huge challenge, but they are getting there!

Indiana, Saisha and Johan have shared their reflections below.

“I liked singing the song and doing the ‘ah, ah, ah, ah, ah’ part.”  Indiana

“I liked using instruments.” Saisha

“My favourite thing was the drums.” Johan

Physical Education


The foundation students have been practicing object control skills including throwing, catching and rolling during cooperative games that require teamwork. Treasure Chest, and Superheroes and Villains are examples of games the students have enjoyed while building their social skills.

Years 12

Years 1 and 2 students did an excellent job developing their throwing and catching skills throughout Term 1, demonstrating an improvement in their technique. Games that require scoring and more complex rules have been eagerly participated in, such as modified Newcombe. To finish the term, the students are practicing their bouncing skills through challenges and games.

Year 3

Year 3 have continued to work on skills such as attacking, defending and passing during invasion games and modified sports like basketball and soccer. During more competitively based games they have demonstrated an ability to use strategy and fair play.


Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 students enjoyed their exploration into coding over term 1.

Beebots, Dashbots and Coding Osmo are always enthusiastically engaged with by the students.

To close out Term 1, Foundation explored forces when conducting the float or sink experiment, while the Year 2 students created balloon rockets that utilize a ‘push’ force.

The Year 3 students did a fantastic job working through the design process to plan, create and test their marble runs.