Specialist Classes

Lots of learning in our Specialist classrooms!


Discovering the wonderful world of technology

Technology – ICT

During Semester 2 Technology classes, we moved our focus from STEM to Information and Communications Technology (ICT). During ICT lessons, students explored digital systems such as computers. It is important for students to be able to navigate computer systems safely and effectively as they are an integral part of everyday life. So, what have the different year levels been doing?

Years 2 to 3

Practicing independently logging in and navigating educational websites to develop their coding knowledge and typing skills.

Year 1

Developing control of the computer mouse while using Microsoft Paint and playing mouse-controlled games.


Students have been identifying different hardware components of a computer like the mouse and keyboard, and enjoyed their first attempts at playing mouse-controlled games.

Performing Arts

A step in the right direction

In Performing Arts, students have been learning all about dance. Foundation students have been learning body and spatial awareness and they’ve been discovering how stories are told through movement. The Year 1s have been exploring dance through the theme of ‘water’. They have choreographed their own dances as a class and in small groups. Year 2s are learning about dances from different decades – they found the Hand Jive particularly challenging! The Year 3s have been focusing on Jazz and they have been learning the origins of this style of dance and about different choreographers and moves. The whole year has also been learning a Jazz dance.

“I’ve enjoyed doing The Very Hungry Caterpillar dance,” Bhaviraaz.

“I loved moving like an underwater animal” Aiden.

“I loved popping during the bubble dance,” Kiyasha.

Health & P.E.

Get kids up and moving through local sport

Sporting organisations

Whilst we teach and offer our students a wide range of sporting skills, it is good to expand these opportunities outside school hours. Joining community sporting clubs supports children to follow their strengths and passions and this complements the skills we teach them at school.

In Clyde and the City of Casey we are lucky to be surrounded by many sporting organisations that offer fantastic programs for all ages and abilities. Outlined below are some of the sports we think your children will love. For more information on junior sporting opportunities go to https://www.sportaus.gov.au/schools/find-a-club or contact Mr Pretty at j.pretty@clydegrammar.vic.edu.au

Australian Rules Football – Auskick

The newly updated Clyde Recreation Reserve hosts the Clyde Cougars Football Club. The Cougars have an Auskick program and a junior football program. Auskick is a fantastic way to introduce children aged 5-12 to the team sport of Aussie Rules through modified games. Junior football for children aged 8-17 gradually introduces students to competitive football with regular training and Sunday matches against local teams.


Clyde Cricket Club

Another sporting team based at Clyde Recreation Reserve is Clyde Cricket Club. Cricket is a summer sport and pre-season training and registrations are available now.


MiniRoos Soccer

MiniRoos is an introductory soccer program for kids of all abilities who are between the ages of 4 and 10 years. The friendly, supportive and non-competitive environment is the perfect opportunity for newcomers to enter the world of soccer. MiniRoos soccer is run out of Casey Stadium, a short drive from school.


Casey Stadium

Other available sporting programs at Casey stadium include Hot Shot Tennis, Junior Cricket Blast and Junior Basketball competitions.


Specialist Update

Health & Physical Education


During weeks 5 and 6 of Term 3 all students thoroughly enjoyed their swimming lessons. Swimming and water safety lessons are an essential part of the Victorian Curriculum and developing knowledge and skills around survival swimming and basic water safety can significantly reduce a child’s drowning risk. Thank you to the students who participated and to the parents for preparing your children and supporting this valuable program. Thank you also to the school staff for coordinating the very complicated logistics that come with running a program like this.

During Physical Education lessons, students have stayed busy, too. What have they been practicing?

Year 3 – Athletics

Team running relays

Year 2 – Strike Zone

Developing striking skills using different sports like hockey, tennis, cricket and T-Ball.

Foundation and Year 1 – Mini-Athletics Skills