Stepping into Year 2A

Getting Creative with Maths

Students in 2A have enjoyed using icy pole sticks to make bundles of 10 to help them make larger collections.

Using hands-on manipulatives allows students to build their understanding of counting and place value concepts, including bridging to the next 10 when counting and skip counting.

When completing maths rotations and activities, students are encouraged to work collaboratively to build their resilience, cooperation and team-building skills.

Cozy Readers

To begin each day, students in 2A calmly enter the classroom and begin reading ‘Cozy Readers’ and books at their interest level. This allows them to begin the day in a calm and focused manner, leading into the day’s literacy tasks.

Stepping into Grade 2A

At the beginning of the year students designed their very own shoe to reflect their personality and favourite things. Our Stepping into Grade 2 wall is a daily reminder of the range of wonderful personalities and exciting students that live in 2A.

Sustainability and The Water Cycle

Students designed their own water cycle following the elements of evaporation, condensation and precipitation. They also created a “Water cycle in a bag” experiment, which had them draw the same water cycle on a ziplock bag which they attached to the window. Students could see first-hand the way in which the water cycle continues to repeat over and over.

During Art lessons, students have been learning about different artists throughout history. In Week 5 we learned about Pablo Picasso and his cubism colourings and artwork. Students chose a cubism animal design and followed the same steps to create bright and colourful pictures of their own.

Show and Tell in year 2 looks a little different this term! Students can bring in an item based on the topic of Sustainability or Water to share with the class. Aaditveer used recycling efforts to repurpose on old tissue box, toilet rolls and paper to create a fun monster! Year 2 showed great listening skills, asking a range of questions following the presentation.

Miss Brittany Testro
Year 1 Teacher