Year 2A News


Our class has been looking at arrays and how they are used to show multiplication.

Students were given 12 counters to form into as many different arrays as they could, by looking at the number of counters in each row and column.

We then walked around the Year 2 area looking for arrays in real life. These included cupboards, pictures, posters and more!

Handwriting Practice

Handwriting is a very important aspect of our writing and we have been working hard to improve our letter placement on the dotted thirds.

This week we were practicing placing our letters below the line. Sometimes it’s tricky to remember which lines to use so we practice on our lined whiteboards.

At the end of our handwriting lessons, we write the phrase ‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’ which is a sentence that has every letter of the alphabet!

Brittany Testro
Year 2A Teacher