Year 2A

The Water Cycle and Sustainable Practices

Reflecting on how we can work to save the resources of the earth, students created posters listing ways in which we can make simple changes to our daily routine in order to live more sustainably.

Focusing particularly on the importance of water, students used their prior knowledge and learnt concepts to create these visual posters.

Students: Ravnoor, Harman

Students: Savreet, Yuvleen

Tiddalik the Frog

After reading the story of Tiddalik the frog, a story of a greedy, selfish frog, students discussed the importance of treating others with respect, as well as the importance of sharing resources among each other.

Students in groups of 5 used small finger puppets to recreate the story for classmates, using Australian landscape images.

Students: Ashlyn, Mashiyat, Marcus, Gurkirat, Kunashe, Rivan

Harmony Day Celebrations

Harmony Day was a very special celebration of our different cultures, reflecting our wonderful school community and classrooms. Students enjoyed dressing up to reflect a part of their personal heritage and we were very lucky to see dancing performances and have rich conversations about our lives and history.

Student: Aaditveer

Student: Dhhvani

Student: Mashiyat