This Month’s Favourite Classroom Moments

What a wonderful first term our students have enjoyed, with lots of fun, learning and growth along the way!  Below we review some of our favourite moments over the past four weeks.


Telling Our Stories

We have been focusing on developing our oral language and telling stories through pictures. We drew our first narrative and were lucky enough to orally share our story with our wonderful Year 3 students. The Year 3s were VERY impressed with the stories and confidence of our Foundation students!

Learning Maths is Fun!

We have had endless amounts of fun working with lots of different games and materials in mathematics. Our focus has been on reading, making, writing, and ordering numbers up to 10. We have begun to learn about 2D shapes and how to create different coloured patterns.

We Are All Different, But We Are All Equal

It was a day to celebrate our different cultures and learn about the cultures of our peers. We showcased our best dance moves in the parade and had a whole school outside disco!!

Easter Egg-stravaganza

Foundation A presented an Easter Egg-stravaganza at the last assembly for Term 1. They shared a variety of pieces that reflected many of the amazing things they have been learning this term.

Fine Tuning Our Creative Skills

The students have enjoyed experimenting with a range of artistic mediums and are fine tuning their creative skills. Through using different paints, pastels, chalk and other items, the students have strengthened their fine motor skills and are developing an understanding of space, form and colour.

Year 1

1A Update

1A has had a very busy Term 1 with lots of fun activities and learning taking place.

We celebrated Harmony Day last week, with students dressing up to showcase their cultural backgrounds.

The students have also been working very well independently during our Literacy Rotation Groups each day. Students rotate between using Reading Eggs on iPads, an Independent Learning Task, a guided reading sessions with myself and an additional focus group with Ms Mac.

We have also continued our theme of minibeasts in our art classes. Today we were creating a picture of our worm using special cutting techniques to form the grass and using markers to provide further detail to the art piece.

1B Update

1B enjoy playing maths games and other activities to make learning fun. Here are some photos of the students playing different maths games and learning about symmetry. Students chose which picture they wanted to complete to make their finished creation symmetrical.

Year 2

2A Update

Pancake Day

To celebrate Shrove Tuesday, students enjoyed following a recipe to create delicious pancakes. This tied in well with our writing focus on procedural writing, so students were able to follow step by step instructions, as well as writing their own.  Aken and Linny have shared their reflections below.

“I liked when I put the mixture on the hot pan to make my pancake.” Aken

“I liked putting all the ingredients in the bowl.” Linny

Harmony Day

Harmony Day was a very special celebration for 2A. The students enjoyed dressing in their cultural dress and rejoicing in the differences of their friends’ outfits. Following the parade on the basketball courts, we had a few keen dancers that were confidently busting some moves to the music!

“Harmony is when we have kindness and are nice and respect everyone in Australia for their differences.” Jonathan

“I liked the dance moves that I did and the effort I put in and letting all the teachers see it.” Abhay


Our class ran an assembly with a Water Cycle theme, which we really enjoyed preparing for and presenting.  Navneeth and Henry have shared their highlights below.

“I liked when I was doing the cloud part dancing left and right for the water cycle song.” Navneeth

“I liked performing the water cycle dance. It was lots of fun. My favourite part was the cat part!” Henry

Easter Bunny Craft

Our Easter Bunny craft activity was an excellence opportunity to build on our teamwork and problem solving skills, and our creativity!

“I like working with my partner and we worked so hard together.” Mansif

“I’m looking forward to painting it!” Anisha

“It was hard to attach the head to the body but we used lots of tape.” Sidak

‘Place Value Cover Up’ in Maths

Place value is how much each digit in a number is worth.  It refers to the position, or place, of a particular digit in a number.  Place value has a wide range of real-life uses, such as working out money, weights and measurements, and much more.  This activity, whilst also very enjoyable, helps us build on our mathematics skills.

“I like that we could go in any group and the best part was doing the green level.” Romir

“I like doing the hardest one because I like big numbers!” Wali

2B Update

Exploring Watercolours

Over the past term, 2B engaged in a broad variety of hands-on learning tasks. We explored watercolours when creating our own self-portraits, making turtles as well as baby chicks and bunnies for Easter. Students in 2B have had to follow multi-step instructions as well as manipulate paper to complete 3D bunnies.


This term we have been exploring how to be sustainable and the water cycle. The students enjoyed looking at how water changes during the water cycle. We discovered that water presents itself in a variety of ways such as rain, snow, hail, and ice. We loved engaging in science experiments to see how ice changes when in our hands and by placing it in cold, warm and hot water.

Harmony Day

The highlight of the term was seeing the students dress up in cultural or team outfits on Harmony Day. It was lovely to share what makes us unique and special with our peers. Students in 2B especially enjoyed the parade with the rest of our school community.

Procedural Writing

During Term 1, we learnt about procedural writing. As a class, we revised the structure of this writing genre and the importance of adding adjectives and verbs to each step. The students created steps for chocolate crackles, pancakes, drawing a house and fruit kebabs.

Year 3

Lots of Learning and Fun in Year 3!

The Year 3 students recently completed NAPLAN testing. All students approached the assessment in a positive manner, and we are certain did the best that they could. To recognise their efforts we walked to Smiths Lane park and celebrated with a play and a barbeque lunch.

Through our Integrated Studies Unit, Year 3 children have been looking at living things. We caught fish in the wetlands thanks to Mrs Hancox, and observed the features of fresh flowers, including their scents. We also tried some of the edible plants. The children drew the sunflowers — there are some very talented children in Year 3.

We have also enjoyed reading with some of the Foundation students.

As part of the Harmony Day celebrations, Year 3 students enjoyed reading Mem Fox’s book I’m Australian Too. The students enjoyed writing their own verse of poetry in the book’s style.

Here are just a few examples:

I’m Australian Too!

My mum was born in India,

My dad as well.

But then they moved to Australia,

And they think it’s very swell.

How about you?

Olivia T 


I’m Australian Too!

My parents are from India,

And they flew to Australia in 2008.

Now we are in Clyde,

And everyone says “G’day mate!”

How about you?



I’m Australian Too!

My parents are from Punjab

and now they are here with me.

We came to Australia to be by the sea.

How about you?



I’m Australian Too!

My parents are from India

And then we moved to Australia to have some fun.

We decided to live here forever,

Because its hot in the sun.

How about you?