From the Classroom


Almost Ready for the Easter Break!  

The students in Foundation to Year 2 have all been working extremely hard this term, and they have experienced many fun and engaging activities that have helped to develop their skills and knowledge.  

In Foundation, students have been learning about community members who play a role in keeping us safe. The students were very excited when local police and CFA volunteers visited the school to educate everyone on how to stay safe in our neighbourhood.  

In Year 1, students thoroughly enjoyed exploring the world of minibeasts and they deepened their knowledge of these tiny creatures through literacy, art and inquiry activities. 

In Year 2, science was the topic of conversation. The students had a great time delving into weather patterns and eagerly conducted experiments during their weather incursion. 

In Foundation A, children have been exploring 2D shapes and they ventured into the school grounds to hunt for as many different 2D shapes as possible. Many students discovered these shapes on our fantastic tram, and they loved the opportunity to take their learning outdoors. 
Students in Foundation B have been enhancing their fine motor skills and practicing letter formation outside with chalk! They were very excited to use a different medium to write their sounds. 
Each week, a lucky student is chosen at random to become Star of the Week. They can then make a poster about their family, friends and favourite things to do, and share this information with their class. 
1B have learnt all about marvellous minibeasts this term and they incorporated this learning into their artwork by making colourful bees, dragonflies, caterpillars and ladybugs. 
Grade 2 recently had a wicked weather incursion. Using some fun experiments and activities, they explored and created the water cycle, made clouds, caused mini-storms, and learnt about different weather events. 
This term 2B has been exploring how to use different mediums in their art sessions. The students created amazing jellyfish using only salt and ink.  

YEARS 3 – 4

Busy Times! 

It has been a busy time in Years 3 and 4. As part of their sustainability studies, Year 4 students visited Myuna Farm to see the enormous garbage can and they learned about the four Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink. Children planted their own seeds and discovered what it takes to help plants grow, and the many benefits that come with growing their own crops.

Children in Year 3 finished their Naplan testing last week. Each of them approached the tests with confidence and gave their all. We celebrated Naplan’s end with a beautiful lunch at Smiths Lane Hub on Friday.

Year 3 has also been busy studying celebrations around the world and how other people celebrate events, including Harmony Week.

Excitement was in the air as the Year 4 students left for Portsea on the first Clyde Grammar Camp. During their two-night stay, the children took part in activities that included trips to the beach and tackling the camp’s flying fox and huge swing. Everyone had a fabulous time and came home with big smiles. We appreciate the support of teachers who went to camp with the students.  

Whilst learning about celebrations around the world, children in Year 3 learnt about St Patrick’s Day, how and why it is celebrated differently around the world, and where it originated. They also made their own rainbows to show how unique they all are, just like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! 
During English lessons, 3B made mini books about the different parts of speech. The children learnt about nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, pronouns and conjunctions and they used dictionaries to find examples of different types of words. 

Year 4 Camp

During week 8, our Year 4 students  headed to Portsea for their first ever camp.

There was a lot of excitement, along with a few nerves, on the bus ride down. However, once at the camp students participated in a variety of different activities that were both enjoyable and challenging.

Activities included a giant swing, high ropes course, flying fox, a beach walk and games, a photo scavenger hunt, a disco, a trivia night and a campfire, just to name a few.

Students consistently displayed our Clyde Grammar values of respect, honesty, generosity, empathy, perseverance and commitment. Additionally, each student approached each new challenge with a positive attitude and a willingness to try their very best.