Specialist Classes

Performing Arts

Our young musicians are on a rhythmic adventure, learning to create captivating melodies by copying echo rhythms with colourful Boomwhackers. With plenty of giggles and lots of different harmonies, their creativity knows no bounds as they bring music to life in our Performing Arts classes. 


The students have been learning about St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, and how he spread Christianity using the symbol of the shamrock to represent the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. St Patrick’s Day is celebrated each year on 17 March. The students enjoyed writing poems and making shamrock wands, stick puppets and stained-glass images. 


Our imaginative Year 1 students have been retelling the hilarious tale of Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas using bright props and boundless creativity. Using hand-held puppet sticks, they have been turning storytelling into a colourful spectacle! What a fantastic display of enthusiasm for literacy and creative expression. 


Our Year 4 students have been busily applying their knowledge of simple machines and forces to design and produce a three-dimensional game. Here you can see some wheels and axels and an inclined plane cleverly constructed to make a racing game. Their excitement and enthusiasm for learning was plain to see as students hammered, glued and tested their prototypes.    


Students have been practicing greetings and new routines through repetition and games. They have focused on identifying their names and surnames and the names of classmates, staff and fictional characters. Using soft teddies and the dramatisation of a bilingual text, students have also increased their vocabulary of animal names and body parts.   

Health & PE


Foundation students have been running, jumping, balancing and skipping their way through PE this term. The students are also learning and practicing the important PE rules for safety and inclusion. During Health, they have started to name different parts of their body and identify that they are all growing and changing. 

Years 1–2 

This term, Years 1–2 students have had a fantastic time learning and developing their underarm throw, overarm throw and catching skills. Games such as treasure chest, zone throw and targets have been a hit, with students showing off their skills while demonstrating their teamwork and scorekeeping. 

Years 3–4 

All the Years 3–4 students should be proud of their massive efforts at our first ever Cross Country. Resilience, determination and sportsmanship were evident throughout the event and every competitor gave it their all. Special congratulations to those students who received podium ribbons. Team selection and training for the District Cross Country event will commence in Term 2.