From the Classroom

Foundation A and B

Police and CFA Visit

Foundations have been learning about the people who help us and have been lucky enough to have both police and firefighters visit our school. We learnt about what to do when you need help, what each job entails, and we got to have a play with the speed camera and fire hose!

Magnificent Maths!

We have had an absolute BLAST learning about money! We have engaged in coin rubbing, ordering coins and even created our own shop. We have also been busy in our garden measuring our plants with our rulers.

Christmas is Here!!

With the joy of Christmas comes lots of fun activities. We have created Christmas trees and reindeer to kick-start our Christmas craft. We have also crafted some very creative narratives involving Pug the Elf and Santa!

Inquisitive Scientists

We had the amazing Carmen visit us to teach us all about science. This fun and engaging experience taught us about sound, light and motion. We learnt so much and had so much fun!

Year 1A and B

Building Blocks to Creativity

On Friday, 10 November the Year 1s were excited to take part in a PLANKS Workshop and to see several building block creations. Cam from Green Hat Workshop shared some tips about building with PLANKS — rectangular prism construction blocks cut from New Zealand plantation pine that are long enough to counter balance and thin enough to stack. The students were then able to engage in free play and reflection, building some impressive towers and other 3D creations. The Year 1 teachers observed the students collaborating or working alone to construct their own amazing creations. An important part of this incursion involved interpersonal skills, social development and, of course, imagination!

Here are a few photos of our very clever students — maybe we have a few future engineers in our midst!

Year 2A

A Happy Farewell to 2023 from 2A

For our final newsletter this term, 2A decided to reflect on the year that was, as well as looking toward the exciting year ahead of us in 2024. We have worked together to share a few thoughts with you all:

What I learned this year

“I learned about proper nouns, adjectives and months! And I enjoyed learning about maths because we play fun maths games like dash to decorate.” Mansif

“I enjoyed learning about times tables because I love learning. I also love art and drawing and painting.” Jusreen

What I enjoyed in Year 2

“I enjoyed sport because we got to play soccer with Izzy. We also got to play tag games and we had a great Athletics Day which was really fun!” Henry

“I enjoyed art because when you paint it’s really nice and when it’s done it is beautiful to look at.” Japleen

What I will miss about Year 2

“I will miss Mrs Testro because she is brave. When we had a spider she just got a tub, put the spider in it and took it outside. That is really brave to me!” Thea

“Mrs Testro has been a fantastic teacher this year because she is very funny and passionate every day. When she walks in the classroom she looks beautiful and that is why I will miss her.” Linny

What are you looking forward to next year?

“Next year I am excited because we will have a sleepover at the school and we will have the NAPLAN test and laptops and excursions.” Sahib

“Next year I am looking forward to learning how the Year 3s do science experiments and how they learn. I would like to have a sleepover with a friend at school. I am also looking forward to doing the NAPLAN as I am already trained in the NAPLAN and I get an A+ on every practice test I do!” Romir

What are the best parts of Year 2?

“I liked the Sports Carnival because we had the running race and the relay race. We had a lot of fun together and the games were creative and active. Everything was awesome!” Navneeth

“My favourite memories are going to the Trolls movie, and writing to our pen pals from another school. I also loved going to Splash for our swimming lessons!” Evelyn

Merry Christmas from 2A!

Year 2B

Look at all the Things that Happened this Term

This term we have been very busy revising all concepts learnt throughout the year. In maths, the students used these skills while working as a team playing board games and creating collections of money to buy our dream items from the Big W toy catalogue.

We celebrated community helpers with a visit from Jack’s mum and we learnt how Victorian police officers work day and night to keep everyone in the community safe. The students also celebrated Diwali, India’s biggest and most important holiday of the year. In 2B we explored traditional stories about this five-day celebration, such as cleaning your home and decorating it with clay lamps, designing rangoli patterns using coloured powders or sand, and visiting Goddess Lakshmi followed by enjoying a feast and firework festival.

At the end of term, we learnt about 24 other schools around Australia by joining in the letter exchange program. The 2B students enjoyed completing the daily bucket filling activities in each of these letters, and reading letters from students describing their school. We also celebrated Christmas by decorating our classroom tree and creating our own mini-Christmas trees.  


Year 3A and B

Year 3 Students Share their 2023 Highlights

“What a year it has been in Year 3! There are so many highlights. The number one highlight would have to be the sleepover. I loved the Year 3 sleepover at school, spending time with all my friends and having lots of fun.” Sarah, 3A 

 “Scienceworks was another one of our favourite parts of Year 3, visiting the Planetarium and learning about the Earth, Moon and seasons. We learned how the seasons are affected by the Earth’s tilt.” Nilesh, 3A 

“Seeing The Twits stage performance at Frankston Arts Centre was another highlight. I liked The Twits performance because it was so funny.” Olivia, 3A 

“School swimming was another highlight in Year 3. I liked swimming because I got to improve my swimming strokes.” Kismat, 3B 

After spending the week watching birds as part of The Great Aussie Bird Count, Year 3 students were inspired by the amazing works of Pete Cromer. Pete Cromer is an Australian artist who creates collages. Year 3 children learnt about how he completes his artwork before beginning to design their own bird collage. Each student carefully designed their bird and then brought it to life with beautiful detail and layers of coloured paper. They then created their own profile for their bird.