From the Classroom


Fruit Bats, Reptiles, and Our Community

Throughout Term 2, students from Foundation to Year 2 have been diligently expanding upon last term’s knowledge while delving into some new and captivating topics and concepts.

In Foundation, students have been immersed in the wonderful world of animals. They eagerly embarked on their excursion to Myuna Farm, where they interacted closely with a variety of animals. The highlight of their experience was patting and feeding the mammals in the stable area and taking a ride on the mini-train to see fruit bats hanging from the trees.

In Year 1, students have been exploring Australia’s natural environments and the diverse wildlife inhabiting these regions. They bravely took part in an incursion led by Mr Slytherin, the reptile expert. This unforgettable experience allowed them to touch and interact with reptiles while learning essential safety measures if they ever encounter these creatures in their natural habitats.

In Year 2, students have explored their local community. They have crafted diagrams depicting their own homes, and learned about the scale of their homes in relation to local parks, shops and daily destinations. This has helped build understanding of the differences between the scale of their community and locations interstate or overseas.

In Foundation A, we have been using our knowledge of initial sounds to begin our writing journey. Some of the amazing work we have been doing is sounding out three-letter words and constructing sentences using these words.
In Foundation B, we have been delving into the world of mammals. We discovered fascinating facts about lions and then tapped into our creative side to craft a rhythmic lion artwork using pastels and liquid watercolour paints.
This term, 1A have been learning all about subtraction. Today we used counters as buttons to help us with taking away.
This term, 1B have been learning about addition and subtraction. Some lovely residents from Botanic Ridge Retirement Village joined us to play Snap Addition where you turn over two cards and see who can work out the correct total first.
Year 2 went to The Hub as we are learning about our community and comparing personal, local, national and regional scales. Mirvac presented photos of the different stages of the Smiths Lane Estate, from before the buildings were constructed to where it is now and plans for the future.
The Year 2 students have been exploring scales. We began by creating our own houses, then planted grass seeds around them.  We are very excited to see the grass starting to grow.
We celebrated Mother’s Day and created special gifts for our mums to put with the gift we purchased from the school stall. The Year 2 students were excited to learn about the different combinations of money that add up to $10 so we could shop up a storm.

YEARS 3 – 4

Exploring Melbourne and its History 

Welcome back to Term 2 and what a busy term it has been already with so much happening in the Years 3 and 4 classrooms. In Year 3, the children have been learning about Melbourne, how it has changed over time and the influence of First Nations people on the design of Melbourne. They enjoyed an excursion to the city where they did a walking tour that began at Federation Square and continued along the Yarra River. They have been busy creating walking maps of their tour and writing information reports about each landmark they saw.  

Year 4 students enjoyed a webinar run by Kids Helpline where they learnt about resilience and strategies to build resiliency. Congratulations also to 4A who competed in the Prodigy Classroom Challenge and who placed third in Australia. The students collectively answered 1,114 questions correctly and received a special certificate to celebrate. Well done! 

During an excursion to the city on a walking tour of geography and places, Year 3A learnt about the landmarks of Melbourne and how they have changed over time. The Year 3 children then created walking maps showing the landmarks and together they wrote information about each landmark.
The Year 3 students were lucky enough to spend a day in the city, learning about some of Melbourne’s famous landmarks and how the city has changed over the decades. The children learnt all about Federation Square (there was once a morgue on the site), the Yarra River and Eureka Tower. They also discovered more about the history of First Nations people in Melbourne and even got to sample some bush tucker.   
The 4A students met with their Foundation A buddies to make Anzac biscuits in commemoration of Anzac Day. The older students were amazing and supported their buddies to add and mix the ingredients for the biscuits. The excellent display of teamwork was wonderful to observe. All the students look forward to spending regular time with their buddies.   
The Year 4 students have been working on procedure writing over the last few weeks. The aim of procedure writing is to help someone succeed at doing something by following specific instructions. The Year 4 students researched, drafted, edited and presented their procedure texts and developed their knowledge of verbs and adverbs. They wrote procedures on how to send an email, how to make Anzac biscuits, and how to make fairy bread. The students enjoyed creating their own procedure texts, especially when they followed the instructions to make (and eat) the fairy bread and Anzac biscuits.