Specialist Classes

Performing Arts

Our Year 1 students are diving into imaginative adventures inspired by the popular cartoon show, Bluey. Recently, they transformed our classroom into a circus arena inspired by an episode of the show and explored the excitement of being circus performers. These playful experiences foster social and emotional growth in the children as they channel the spirit of Bluey. 


Foundation students are discovering the colourful world of stories by Eric Carle — his vibrant illustrations and captivating narratives. As they read his books, they are discovering the wonders of animals, and connecting their learning to our integrated studies unit. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures as their journey with Eric Carle continues!


This year in Term 2, our focus is on growing beans. Students planted their beans and watched them grow, making observations and recording the growth over a period of time. The students took responsibility for watering their beans as they explored this life cycle.


In Grade 3, Spanish lesson students have respectfully recited the Acknowledgement of Country with gestures to match the land, sky and water. Here in the photo, they are happily holding la tortuga (the turtle), el chancho (the pig) and la abeja (the bee). These are from an ever-growing toy collection that travels in a suitcase to visit them in their classroom each Wednesday. What a joy it is to teach them Spanish. 

Health & PE

Gymnastics for All Year Levels 

This term, all Foundation to Year 4 students are participating in a four-week gymnastics program facilitated by Reach Gymnastics. They have enthusiastically learnt about basic gymnastics shapes and movements such as the tuck sit, the L sit, forwards roll, backwards roll and cart wheel. A focus of the program is to safely perform movements while using new equipment. 

Years 3–4 

During week 3, our Years 3 and 4 students had an amazing Athletics Day at Casey Fields Athletics Centre. They showed exemplary sportsmanship, effort and athleticism while participating in long jump, shot put, discus and the 100m race. Well done to all students and congratulations to those students who won a first, second or third place ribbon.