From the Classroom


Brilliant Beginnings in 2024! 

After a restful summer break, students in Foundation to Year 2 have started the year at Clyde Grammar with enthusiasm and a desire to learn and form new connections. Teachers are providing them with engaging learning experiences that encourage skill development through play, interactive lessons, and problem-solving. It is wonderful to see the students already forming wonderful friendships and showcasing their teamwork, and all students at Clyde Grammar are thrilled to welcome our new Foundation students. It is lovely to see new friendships flourishing in the classroom and during outdoor playtimes. Seeing our school community grow each year fills us with excitement and we look forward to a future of opportunities. 

In Foundation A, students have enjoyed developmental playtime and using their imagination to play and learn about each other. We have some fun and lively characters in our class! 
Foundation B students have been exploring the concept of place value. We are connecting numbers up to 10 with part-whole relationships and our learning is hands-on, with plenty of concrete materials that make it educational and enjoyable. 
In maths this week, students in 1A explored different 2D shapes with playdough. They then worked in small teams to see which group could make the largest playdough shape. 
In 1B, we have been putting effort into our writing and learning new maths games. Taking a quick break helps us stay refreshed and prepared for our next learning activity. Anna and Adriana had a blast constructing a magnificent tower out of planks.  
In 2A, we are exploring the water cycle and sustainability, and discovering how the water cycle works and why it matters. Students are learning to appreciate our environment, inspiring them to protect our water and planet. 
In 2B, the students learnt how to craft wands and practised procedural writing skills. This hands-on activity fostered creativity and students engaged with descriptive language and sequencing in their writing.   

YEARS 3 – 4

Off to a Flying Start! 

We are so happy to have the Years 3 and 4 students back at school. They are enthusiastic, ready to learn and have all quickly resumed their class routines. They also look very smart in their summer uniforms. We are fortunate to have Mr Drew Meade and Mrs Emily Barrie as our new Year 4 teachers and they have adapted quickly to their new classes, too. In addition to taking part in different educational activities, Years 3 and 4 enjoyed preparing pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. Not only did they enjoy making the pancakes, but they loved eating them, too! At our first school assembly, we were dazzled by the fabulous performance by 3B, who sang their own version of ‘My Girl’ called ‘My School’. Well done to 3B on a fabulous effort and for being brave enough to perform at the first assembly for the year.   

Children in 3A enjoyed making pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. They decorated their pancakes with yummy toppings, such as maple syrup and jam.
3B enjoyed practising and performing for class assembly on Valentine’s Day. They performed beautifully and read their poems: ‘Oh, the places we’ve been. Oh, the things we’ve seen!’ They also performed ‘My School’ to the classic tune of ‘My Girl’ by the Temptations.
Earlier this term, Year 4 students went on country for their art session. They created beautiful pieces of art while working en plein air, or ‘in the open air’, as the French say. This refers to painting or drawing outdoors with the subject in full view. 
This year students have been competing in 3/4 Sports including cricket, T-ball, basketball and soccer. The fortnightly sessions give all students a chance to try something new. Some students have also taken on the responsibility of being sports equipment monitors during the lunchtime break.