From the Classroom


We have enjoyed planting new seedlings in our school garden, and we are looking forward to observing changes and hunting for minibeasts. I wonder what we will find!

New Friendships and Skills

Each morning, the Foundation students have enjoyed our morning activity routine. This developmental play has given the students the chance to build new friendships, develop their fine motor skills and feel comfortable and safe in the classroom.

In Foundation A, we are learning about different emotions. Reading the book The Colour Monster inspired us to create emotion themed art pieces.

Watch out everybody, mathematic geniuses are at work!! In Foundation B we have been investigating and writing numbers 0 –10. Before we practice writing we get to drive the hot wheels cars on our numbers. This helps us remember how to write them. Very speedy learning if you ask me!

We are also creating our very own number books using lots of marvellous materials. Each page has a number from 0 –10 and we need to stick matching amounts on. We can’t wait to take these home and teach our families.

We Are Family!

This term, our integrated studies unit  explores our fantastic families. Using our family photos, Foundation B students have been teaching their peers about who is in their family. We then unleashed our creative skills to create our own family portraits. First, we drew our families, then used pastels to colour in (very carefully!) and finally we got to paint our house.

Year 1

Minibeasts and Maths

1A has had a wonderful start to the year and all students have settled in well with many new friendship groups being formed. We have spent some time on our class Welcome sign, each student having an opportunity to show how they feel about the new classroom by writing and drawing a colourful house.

In humanities, we are learning about minibeasts, and the students are enjoying exploring all the facts about butterflies, bees, ants and dragon flies. We are also taking time in art sessions to draw, paint and create beautiful collages of different minibeasts.

Maths has been fun with plenty of games being played to help consolidate their learning. Using a die and counters, students are learning about how to move along a number line. There is also plenty of time in the day for some shared reading with a class book being read each day.

Fun and Games in 1B

1B have been enjoying settling in as a new class together this term. The students have been learning new spelling words and are doing a wonderful job completing their homework.

They have enjoyed working on different money activities for maths and are becoming confident at ordering coins from least to most. They have been amazed about what you can (or can’t) buy for $1 or $2!

Our inquiry topic is Minibeasts and it has been interesting learning about caterpillars, dragonflies and so many more. There is still time for fun, games and happy times with our friends as you can see in these photos.

Year 2

Making Rainbows in 2A

What a terrific start we have had to Term 1!

In 2A we enjoyed getting to know our new classmates and participating in different group work and activities. Our favourite features of the classroom are the reading corner, maths games and Spanish pinboard.

In our reading corner there are lots of comfortable cushions and toys for us to snuggle up to. Sometimes, if they are very comfy, we even fall asleep!

Two Dimensional Shapes

We have looked at the features of 2D shapes, including the lines and corners. We practiced recognizing shapes both in pictures and in our lives around us. Students enjoyed creating different images using a variety of 2D shapes.

‘I made a car using 2D shapes. I used squares, trapeziums, hexagons and triangles.’  Sahib

‘I made a boat using triangles, diamonds, squares, a hexagon and a trapezium. I enjoyed making the boat.’  Mansif

‘I made a farmhouse picture using squares, triangles, hexagons and trapeziums.’  Alexander

‘We played ice cream bump. You roll the die then add the two digits together and then cover the answer on the board. The winner is the person who covers the most numbers!’  Henry and Gursirat

‘I like playing maths games because it helps our learning!’  Haimie

‘I like it because it’s fun and helps us to teach ourselves.’  Linny

Integrated Studies

In Integrated Studies we are learning about the water cycle, and how rainbows are formed. We used our best patterns and colours to decorate some beautiful rainbows in our classroom.

We also created a ‘water cycle in a bag’ experiment which shows on a smaller scale how the water cycle works. The water evaporates up, condensates to create clouds and then precipitates to create rain which falls back down to the ground.

We enjoyed tapping our water cycle bags to see the experiment in action.


We enjoyed looking at different patterns and created our own for each other using unifix blocks. Students enjoyed swapping with a partner to complete different colour blocks, before moving on to objects around the room to create more challenging patterns!

A Wonderful Start For 2B

What an amazing start to the year. It was so nice to be greeted by so many little smiling faces and hear about everyone’s amazing holiday adventures. We have settled in well and have been enjoying learning about sustainability, writing about our holidays and using a wide variety of hands-on games to explore place value.

Jack and Kitty (one of 2B’s class pets) loved sharing their adventure with the class.

Sartaj, Aishleen, Dex and Alana painting sea turtles as we are learning about how to care for the world around us to make it a safe place for animals.

Maceo and Benji used bundling sticks to make two-digit numbers.

Year 3

Year 3 recently got creative whilst learning about living things. The students bought socks and made their own sock puppet snake.

Once they had glued on some eyes and a tongue, creating their unique snake, the students practiced and performed a puppet show for their peers about snake safety. They are looking forward to sharing the plays with the Foundation and Year One students.

‘I really enjoyed making the sock puppet because we got to be creative and we had lots of fun using the sock puppet to talk about snake safety.’ Kunashe 3B

‘I thought it was lots of fun making a puppet as I have never made a sock puppet before. It was fun making our unique design and putting on a puppet show.’ Sargun 3B

‘At school we got to make snockets. Snockets are snake puppets that are made out of socks.’ Harssarah 3A

‘We made amazing snockets to learn how to be safe around snakes.’ Ishleen 3A