From the Principal

What a Wonderful Year!

As the 2023 school year draws to a close, I proudly and happily reflect on a few of the highlights we experienced at Clyde Grammar.

Our first school camp was definitely a highlight for our Year 3 students! For some, this onsite sleepover was the students’ first night away from family members.  All students embraced the challenge and resilience required and had loads of fun in the process! We hope the memories created will remain with them for many years to come. These young learners also got to experience NAPLAN for the first time and did so with determination, focus, and their best efforts. It provided our students with an alternative assessment platform to showcase their academic growth and impressive achievements.

During Term 4, Mr Pretty hosted our first onsite athletics carnival. This event was a shining example of sportsmanship, healthy competition, and loads of fun! It allowed our students to not only display the development of their physical abilities but also camaraderie and school spirit. Seeing so many parents supporting and cheering our students was great.

Amidst these exciting events, you may have noticed some big machines busily leveling the remainder of our block, as shown in the photo below.  This work will allow us to maintain our parcel of land with relative ease and, once the grass has grown, will provide the children with additional recreational space that is conducive to vigorous ball sports and outdoor games.

The remainder of our block is currently being levelled to provide students with additional recreational space.

Finally, I would like to thank all those who came along to our Performing Arts Showcase last week. Your support and attendance were appreciated. The students did us all proud and they loved the opportunity to shine on the big stage. I would also like to thank the PFC members who assisted with this event. If anyone is interested in joining either our Parents and Friends Committee or the Consultative Committee, please direct your inquiries to Donna.

As Clyde Grammar continues to grow with each passing year, so does our community. The increasing number of students, families, and staff members contributes to a thriving culture. On behalf of myself and our dedicated staff, I extend our deepest gratitude for your commitment and ongoing support.

May the festive season bring you joy, and we wish you a blessed Christmas and a safe, special holiday season!


Warm regards,

Leanne Evans