From the Principal

Welcome back everyone!

What a fantastic start to Term 3 we’ve had.

It has been wonderful to see our student’s happy faces again, looking refreshed and ready for another exciting school term.

Clyde Grammar ‘Parents and Friends Committee’ (PFC)

We are looking for members to establish a Parents and Friends Committee at Clyde Grammar.

The role of this committee is to assist the school with:

  • Building community and providing social interactions for school parents
  • Suggesting and organising fundraising events to benefit the school (e.g. Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls)
  • Supporting and promoting the school.

Once a PFC is established, there will be a Chairperson and Treasurer nominated. Members can be parents or friends of the school community and you can be a member of both the Consultative Committee and the PFC, or separately.

If you would like more information, please find a copy of the ‘PFC Terms of Reference’ sheet located on the school website here:

If you are interested in joining the PFC, please email Donna Rankin (Administration) at:

School Car Park

During the recent holidays, in addition to new signage and additional landscaping, the school park was completed.

To ensure the safety of the Clyde Grammar community please always do the following:

  • Only enter via the first gate
  • Always exit via the second gate
  • Drive at 10kph or less while on school grounds
  • Park in parking bays when dropping off or picking up students
  • Cross the roads using the pedestrian crossings (these are raised humps, which will be coloured green to make them stand out)
  • Make sure children are secured in seat belts before driving off
  • Be patient and kind to other drivers.

Winter Illnesses

To maintain the health of staff and students and assist with reducing absentee rates, we would like to encourage our students to routinely test for COVID-19.

The school will continue to supply all students with RATs on a fortnightly basis throughout Term 3. We strongly request that you test your child twice a week (before school each Monday and Wednesday).

If your child tests positive for COVID, please contact the school immediately.

If you receive an SMS confirming a positive case in your child’s class, please monitor closely for symptoms and perform additional testing as required.

With winter upon us, there are many illnesses circulating in the community. If your child is unwell in any way, please keep them home until they have recovered.

Stage One Build

All components of the Stage One build are nearing completion.

The projects that remain in progress include:

  • Additional car park signage
  • Painting of pedestrian crossing areas
  • Sports court (situated at the reception end of the building)
  • Grassed running area (situated directly behind the building)
  • Landscaping around the School.

Updated Child Safe Policies

In line with the new Child Safe regulations which came into effect from July 1 2022, Clyde Grammar is reviewing and updating a suite of related policies.

You can read the Policy on our website here:

The Code of Conduct can be found here:

We will advise of further updates as they become available on our website.

Leanne Evans