Getting to know Year 2B

Caring For The World We Live In

We started the Year in 2B getting to know the new students who have joined the Clyde family in 2022. The students were very excited to learn about each other’s families, hobbies, and interests. To celebrate our amazing 2B family we created our own family portrait wall.

We have also been exploring Sustainability and how we can care for the world that we live in by exploring the following questions.

What is water? How we use water every day at school and home? Where does water come from? How can we save water? The 2B students decided that we needed to protect animals that live in the ocean to ensure they will not be swimming in water filled with rubbish. After many discussions we discovered the ‘Seabin Project – Cleaner Oceans for a Brighter Future’ and as a class created a safe place for our turtles to live by adding our own Seabin’s.

Ms Holly Waugh
Classroom Teacher