Specialist Classes

Specialist Classes

In Touch With Technology


During ICT lessons, all grades have been learning, exploring and practicing a broad range of handy computer and technology skills.

In Year 3, students created a PowerPoint presentation that included text, images, transitions and animations.

In Year 2, students used Word to recount what they did during their holidays. They then saved their work and added images.

In Year 1, students began developing their computer navigation skills using the mouse pad and keyboard.

In Foundation, students enjoyed using the mouse pad to create pictures in paint and using online art programs.

Performing Arts

Putting On a Show

In Performing Arts, the excitement is building as we rehearse for our end-of-year school concert. Our young stars are diligently rehearsing, perfecting their songs and counting down the days until the much-anticipated concert. It promises to be a spectacular event that will highlight the incredible progress and growth of our young performers. From the Foundation students to our seasoned Year 3s, every student is giving their all to make this concert an unforgettable experience. We look forward to families joining us to celebrate our Primary Performing Arts students. Be prepared to be dazzled by the talent, enthusiasm and creativity that will light up the stage. We can’t wait to see you there!

“I can’t wait to go on stage,” Kiaan FA

“We are proud of ourselves when we sing,” Rehras 1A

“You have to practice so hard to do well in the concert,” Romir 2A

“We try our best and have fun,” Sahib 2B


Health & P.E.

Soccer and Swimming


Every Thursday this term, Years 2 and 3 students have been lucky enough to participate in the MiniRoos Football Clinic. The coaching clinics include fun activities that give children a chance to practice their dribbling, kicking and spacing skills. At the end of each session, they also enjoy putting their skills to the test in a competitive mini-match.

I’ve never played soccer before, but now I love it,” Jusreen 2A

I used to not really enjoy soccer. The activities with Izzie have been really fun and now I enjoy soccer,” Ishkirat 3A

Swimming and Water Safety

Dana from Splash’s Swim Centre visited our Foundation and Year 1 classes to run an important and fun water safety workshop. The students played games, listened to stories, and even got to examine some vital water safety equipment.

Playing in the water is fun, but you have to keep safe,” Gurtegh 1A