Specialist Classes

Performing Arts

Putting on a Show

Last week, students took to the stage to celebrate the end of the year in the Performing Arts Showcase. In front of a sold-out crowd, students sang and danced with great enthusiasm.

Each year level presented a song around the theme of food and a Christmas carol. The finale was a crowd favourite as students eagerly performed the song ‘Chicken Kuk-Doo-Koo’.

Our wonderful hosts were Ishkirat and Ashlyn from Year 3 who demonstrated great leadership and commitment, ensuring the show ran smoothly.

The Showcase ended with the presentation of the Performing Arts excellence awards. Congratulations to Sriyansh from Foundation, Natasha from Year 1, Ryder from Year 2 and Kismat from Year 3 for their hard work in Performing Arts this year.

As the curtains closed, we could not be prouder of our primary stars. The end-of-year Performing Arts Showcase was a reminder of the magic that happens when young minds explore their creativity. Here’s to more moments of laughter, applause and artistic expression!

“I’m so proud of myself and proud of everyone else for singing.” Gnieve, 1A

“My favourite part was seeing our families watching us.” Amina, 2A

“At the concert my favourite part was being the MC. It was fun talking and reading from the script. I’ve also built up my confidence and I have trust in myself.” Ashlyn, 3B

Health & P.E.

Our First Whole School Athletics Day was High Energy and Fun!

Clyde Grammar Athletics Day

On Friday, 17 November, we had our very first whole school Athletics Day. All students from Foundation to Year 3 took part in events including the Vortex Throw, 50m/60m sprint, running relay, egg and spoon race, parachute games and tag games.

Having all the students and many of our families present on the day was fantastic. It was great to see the school community talking, laughing and having a great time together celebrating the achievement of our students. They demonstrated persistence and sportsmanship as they ran, jumped and leaped their way through the day.

To round out the event, every participating student received ‘well done’ ribbons to acknowledge their great work. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons were also given to students from each class for their efforts in the 50m/60m sprint race.

“The vortex throw was my favourite thing at Athletics Day because I love throwing it so far.” Virat, 1B

“The race was fun because I got to run.” Ariah, 1B

“I rate Athletics Day five stars! My favourite part was the tag game, because it is what I am best at.” Denny, 2A