Specialist Classes

From Performing Arts and live theatre to castle-building, Spanish and Physical Education, students are discovering new skills and exploring new subjects. Students are also respecting the importance of Lent and what it represents to Christians around the world.

Performing Arts

On Tuesday, 20 February, Years 3 and 4 students enjoyed a hilarious performance by Make a Scene Theatre Arts Education. With only two actors playing all the roles, Mason and Lily delivered a funny story of mishaps and mayhem and students laughed and cheered along. The performance introduced students to Commedia dell’Arte, an Italian form of improvisational comedy from the 16th century known for its lively characters and amusing situations.
Watching live theatre is an important part of our Performing Arts curriculum and it promotes empathy, creativity and connection. Year 4 students will be inspired to explore slapstick in their unit on comedy and to create their own performances. The Make a Scene visit was entertaining and sparked creativity in our students, making it a memorable part of their artistic education journey.


Lent, a significant period in the Christian calendar, involves 40 days of reflection and preparation for Easter. Commencing with Ash Wednesday and culminating on Holy Saturday, it symbolises Jesus’ 40-day fast in the wilderness. During Lent, students at Clyde Grammar engage in prayer, Lenten promises and acts of kindness to foster their spiritual growth


In our library specialist class, Year 2 students are working in pairs and diving into comprehension cards. Through this interactive activity, they enhance their reading skills, teamwork and vocabulary. These hands-on sessions are a strong foundation for their academic journey, fostering a love for reading and critical thinking. 


Foundation students have been using a range of building materials. Foundation A is using connecting straws to build a castle fit for a king or queen. They noticed that castles had high walls and tall towers and chose this equipment for its ability to create height. 


Students have been practicing greetings and new routines through repetition and games. They have focused on identifying their names and surnames and those of classmates, staff and fictional characters. Using soft teddies and the dramatisation of a bilingual text, students have added to their vocabulary of animal names and body parts.   

Health & PE


Foundation students have been learning how to play safely and be active during Physical Education lessons. Group games and challenges have introduced them to the fundamental movement skills of running, jumping and balancing. 

Years 1–2  

Years 1 and 2 students started the year with competitive games that reinforced the need to follow rules and display good sportsmanship during PE. During Term 1 they will continue to practice and develop the fundamental movement skills of throwing and catching. 

Years 34 

Years 3 and 4 students have had a busy start to the year, exploring invasion style games and sports with a focus on teamwork and sportsmanship. The fortnightly sport class has been exciting, with students learning skills, strategy and rules of soccer, basketball, cricket and T-ball.