Year 1A News

Sea Turtles

During Term 2, we investigated ‘Australian Environments’.

Students learnt about the features of different landscapes in Australia and explored various wildlife living within those environments.

One environment the students particularly enjoyed studying was ‘Beaches’.

We then created beautiful artwork of a sea turtle in its habitat.

Below are some reflections from the students.

“My sea turtle has bubbles and spots on its shell. I started by drawing a grey lead picture, then I used oil pastel. I then water painted over it. I’m very happy with my sea turtle – as happy as the happiest person on earth. I learnt that some sea turtles can go into their shell to protect themselves.” – Denny

“I learnt how to draw a sea turtle, then I coloured it with oil pastels. My favourite part of making the sea turtle was drawing the head. The sea turtle can go into their shell, and they can lay eggs in the sand, then they hatch.” – Ishreen

“My sea turtle artwork is colourful. We first used a grey lead pencil to draw it and then we used oil pastel to trace over it, then painted it with paints. Sea turtles use their shell to protect them from the predators. Their shell is their home.” – Rhea

“My sea turtle is a big sea turtle. I painted it blue because it’s my favourite colour. I learned something from a video at my home; a few hundred years after the asteroid hit earth, and after the dinosaurs died, sea turtles started evolving on the planet.” – Navneeth

Adelle Batey & Deborah Ireland
Year 1A Teacher