Year 1A

Celebrating Harmony Day

The students of Year 1A were excited to celebrate Harmony Day together.

Students shared discussions and completed activities throughout the week, with a focus on embracing diversity and ensuring all people feel valued and included.

One of our Literacy activities involved learning about similarities and differences between themselves and a classmate.

They discussed things like their favourite food, colour, place and hobby, the people in their family, their pets and the languages they speak.

It was a great way for everyone to get to know each other better. Students then created a Venn Diagram to share what they had discovered about each other.

“My Mum made my hair long. We chatted about not being mean and respect. I wore a pretty dress with glitter and gem stones. I was shy when we were doing the parade but it was still fun.” – Sahib (pictured above)

“Harmony Day is about being nice and kind and also friendly to other people. I wore my birthday dress and my light brown turban.” – Abhay (pictured above)

“We leant about respect and being kind. I did a ‘harmony wordsearch’ and I got to wear a flower dress.” – Evelyn (pictured above)

“On Harmony Day we took a photo of everybody in the class. Everybody got to wear their culture dress-up and some people got to wear orange. Harmony means respect.” – Romir (pictured above)

“I was dressed up in my Sari. Harmony Day is about the whole world, we need to be kind, happy and not angry. We need to be kind to each other.” – Adriel (pictured above)