Year 2B News

During Term 2, our class engaged in a broad variety of hands-on learning tasks.

Exploring Measurement

By working together in small groups, we explored measurement by using string, blocks, rulers and measuring tapes to measuring objects around the school, both inside and outside.

Humanities – Places We Live

The highlight of the term was seeing students present their understanding of our Humanities Unit, where we explored different scales such as personal, local, regional, and national, and how they relate to us personally.

It was lovely to see the growth in confidence as they presented the poster to the whole class.

Click on the links below to watch some of the presentations:

Jasmine: Jasmine – YouTube

Amer: Amer – YouTube

Olivia: Olivia – YouTube

Jayden: Jayden – YouTube

Perry: Perry – YouTube

Holiday Recount Writing

After the holiday break, there was a buzz in the air and many students were eager to share their holiday activities.

As a class, we decided it would be fun to design our own cameras with photos to share with each other: IMG_0004.MOV

Class Video

Here is a class video the students put together to highlight all the things we got up to in Semester 1. Enjoy!

Holly Waugh
Year 2B Teacher